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    Enlarged Prostate (BPH)

    Your BPH Treatment Options

    With BPH It's a Matter of Symptoms and Complications
    Benign prostatic hyperplasia can just be watched, or treated with medication or surgery. Here are step-by-step guidelines for treatment options.
    Should You Choose Watchful Waiting or Medication?
    Not every man needs medication for his enlarged prostate. How do you decide? First, check the severity of your symptoms. Ask yourself these 4 questions.
    2 Types of BPH Medications That Help
    Alpha blockers and 5-Alpha reductase inhibitors: How do the top medicines for enlarged prostate work? And how can they ease your symptoms?
    Is it Time for Surgery for BPH?
    Medications don't always help men with enlarged prostates. What else can you try? Here are 6 types of procedures and surgery to consider.
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