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    Andy Garcia Puts Family First

    Marriage and family may be his top priority, but the actor and director still manages to find time to grow as an artist and practice the hot Hollywood fitness trend Pilates.


    Still, Garcia would much rather talk trains and family life than stardom and awards. "The most important happiness is your family's happiness," he says. "Everything else is secondary."

    He says every industry -- Hollywood especially -- goes through cycles and fads, and you can't control the outcome. He never pays attention to reviews -- good or bad. "Just do your own thing," he advises. "The only review that's important is the one at home. If you have to look outside for your self-worth and acceptance, you're in trouble, because none of that can ever be real consistent. The only thing that is consistent is what's inside your home and your relationships."

    Quiet and reserved, with a soothing voice and a soft accent that reflects his Cuban roots, Garcia tells a lot about himself by what he doesn't say. He doesn't drop Hollywood names or talk about parties, and he doesn't seem to be the least bit conflicted about balancing work and family. You won't hear him say he missed his children's formative years, or that he feels disconnected from his wife, Marivi Lorido Garcia.

    "We have a commitment to each other and our family and that's something we honor," he says. "You have to be religious about these things." He says that once a couple decides to have children, "every decision is made around them." And in a profession that often requires travel, Garcia has set some ground rules. Most important: Minimize time away from family, or everyone goes with him. "The key thing for me is not to be away for any long period of time," he says. "Over the years we've tried to limit it to a week. Especially when a child is young, you can't be an absentee father or mother."

    Pilates for a Healthy Back

    Garcia not only commits to his family, he also commits to his physical health. He used to practice yoga but found it put too much strain on his back. "I had some disc issues, and I would get hurt often doing power yoga," he says. "Pilates seems to be a lot better for it."

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