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    Q&A With Kevin Hart

    With two new movies on deck, the actor and comedian talks to us about work, parenting, and health.


    "That was early in my career. Comedy at that point was not yet something that I had really adapted to, but it was something that I would look at, something that I respected, something that I wanted to be good at, and I had never had anything like that in my life. I had never had anything that I put my all into. When I found comedy, I fell in love with comedy. I was, like, 'This is it.'"

    How do you prepare to perform? Has that changed over the years?

    "When I started there were rituals and prepping and meditation, but now I've been in it so long that I kind of have it down. It's a different kind of excitement for me now. It's fun. To get to do something that I love and make people laugh, to have fun getting to talk about what I want to talk about, there just isn't that pressure on me that there used to be."

    What's the biggest difference from performing live and for the camera?

    "Having a live audience, having that immediate feedback, hearing that laughter, that's what you live for, that's what you love the most -- hearing laughter, hearing that response. When you're live, when you hear that reaction, it is motivation not just to go on, but to keep hearing that laughter and to hear it grow. I don't think there's a better feeling in the world."

    Is there anything that you won't joke about?

    "I'm not big on joking about politics or on jokes pointed at the gay community. That's not my agenda. That's not what I strive to do. I leave those things alone. Things have really changed between where comedy is now and where it used to be."

    You have two young children. Did either of them get the funny gene?

    "My daughter, her personality just makes me laugh, but I'd say both my kids have got my funny gene."

    Family is a favorite topic for you onstage. Is there any joke you've told about your kids that you hope they will never hear?

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