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Revving Up a Low Libido

Is your sex drive as strong as the next guy's? What's normal?

Every Man's Worry: Erection and Ejaculation Problems

Too fast? Too slow? Here's how to treat ejaculation problems.

Answers to men's top questions about erectile dysfunction.

Men, Sex, and Love in Relationships

6 Sex Mistakes Men Make
What do women want? Probably not what you think. Here’s what to do right, and what you may be doing wrong.
Sex in Marriage: When the Thrill Is Gone
Is your wife just not that into sex? Here's how to rekindle passion and improve your sex life in a low-sex marriage.

The Truth About Sex, the G-Spot, and Much More

Sex: Fact and Fiction
What's the average penis size? Exactly where is the G-spot? Our experts sort sex myths from the facts.
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