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What to Feed Your Baby in the First Year

Getting Started on Solids

Questions about cereal? Baby food? Here's your guide to foods for the first year - and how to get baby to eat them.

Baby Food & Nutrition: What You Need to Know

Which Foods to Feed Your Baby - and When
Use this chart to find out which solid foods you can introduce at each new stage of baby's development, from 4 to 6 months up to 1 year.

Expert Q&A on Feeding Baby Solid Food

  1. 1.Why should I start with single-grain cereal?
  2. 2.How much should my baby eat?
  3. 3.What if my baby doesn't like new foods?

Community for Parenting 6 - 9 Month Olds

Get the Support You Need
Connect with other moms and dads and get tips on teething, feeding solid foods, bath time, and more.
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