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    Eating Right With Parkinson's Disease

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    Relieving Thirst/Dry Mouth

    Some Parkinson's disease medications may make you thirsty. Here are some tips for relieving thirst and dry mouth:

    • Drink eight or more cups of liquid each day. But, some people with Parkinson's disease who also have heart problems may need to limit their fluids, so be sure to follow your doctor's guidelines.
    • Limit caffeine (contained in coffee, tea, cola, and chocolate) as it may interfere with some of your medications and may actually make you more dehydrated.
    • Dunk or moisten breads, toast, cookies, or crackers in milk, decaffeinated tea or coffee to soften them.
    • Take a drink after each bite of food to moisten your mouth and to help you swallow.
    • Add sauces to foods to make them soft and moist. Try gravy, broth, sauce, or melted butter.
    • Eat sour candy or fruit ice to help increase saliva and moisten your mouth.
    • Don't use a commercial mouthwash. Commercial mouthwashes often contain alcohol that can dry your mouth. Ask your doctor or dentist about alternative mouthwash products.
    • Ask your doctor about artificial saliva products. They are available by prescription.

    I Am Too Tired to Eat in the Evening, What Should I Do?

    If you are often too tired to eat later in the day, here are some tips:

    • Save your energy. Choose foods that are easy to prepare. Don't waste all your energy in preparing the meal because then you'll feel too tired to eat.
    • Ask your family to help with meal preparations.
    • Check to see if you are eligible to participate in your local Meals on Wheels Program.
    • Keep healthy snack foods on hand such as fresh fruit and vegetables, pretzels, crackers, high-fiber cold cereals.
    • Freeze extra portions of what you cook so you have a quick meal when you're too tired.
    • Rest before eating so you can enjoy your meal.
    • Try eating your main meal early in the day so you have enough energy to last you for the day.

    I Don't Feel like Eating, What Should I Do?

    Here are some tips for improving poor appetite.

    • Talk to your doctor; sometimes, poor appetite is due to depression, which can be treated. Your appetite will probably improve after depression is treated.
    • Avoid non-nutritious beverages.
    • Eat small, frequent meals and snacks.
    • Walk or participate in another light activity to stimulate your appetite.
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