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News and Features Related to Parkinson's Disease

  1. When Are Parkinson's Patients a Risk on the Road?

    May 8, 2000 -- Laura Liggett is 45 years old and "retired," as she calls it -- not by choice, but at her doctor's suggestion. Liggett has Parkinson's disease, a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system, which interferes with many daily activities, not the least of which is driving. "Reall

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  2. Finally, Some Good News About Bad Habits

    May 4, 2000 (San Diego) -- Smokers desperate for a good reason to light up can now claim it prevents Parkinson's disease. Well, sort of ?. Several studies over the past 30 years have shown that those who smoke cigarettes have a lower risk of developing movement disorders like Parkinson's. However, t

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  3. New Parkinson's Treatment Is Safe, But Is It Effective?

    April 24, 2000 -- A preliminary study of a new drug for Parkinson's disease suggests it is safe to use, but whether or not it actually works is another story. When tested in animals together with other medications, remacemide hydrochloride appears to reduce Parkinson's disease symptoms. However, it

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  4. Falling Fruit Flies Fuel Parkinson's Research

    March 22, 2000 (Atlanta) -- Falling fruit flies may be the key to a cure for Parkinson's disease, according to a study appearing in the journal Nature. Flies genetically engineered to carry a human gene linked to Parkinson's develop brain damage similar to that seen in humans with the disease. The b

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  5. Pig Brains and Parkinson's Patients Paired to Develop Cure

    March 13, 2000 (Atlanta) -- Pig brain cells can grow safely in humans, a new study in the March 14 issue of the journal Neurology shows. What's more, they can dramatically help patients with advanced Parkinson's disease -- and might one day be used to treat stroke patients or people suffering from c

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  6. Nicotine Improves Some Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease

    Feb. 21, 2000 (Washington) -- It's the drug that hooks cigarette smokers, sending many of them to an early grave. But it may actually help patients with Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, Tourette's syndrome, and several other neurological disorders. The drug is nicotine, and it and other related com

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  7. Sham Surgery Shakes Up Scientists, Ethicists

    Feb. 9, 2000 (Cleveland) -- Imagine being prepped for surgery, wheeled into an operating room, and having a hole drilled in your head but no real surgery performed. In this scenario it would be a sham, a placebo surgery -- except for the very real hole in your head. This is exactly what happened to

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  8. Michael J. Fox Leaving 'Spin City' to Focus on Parkinson's Disease

    Jan. 19, 2000 (Atlanta) -- Actor Michael J. Fox has acted as a high-profile spokesperson for the debilitating condition called Parkinson's disease, taking his message as far as Capitol Hill. Now the actor, who has been afflicted with the disease since 1991, is taking a more personal step, by announc

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  9. Fetal Cell Transplants Can Work for Parkinson's

    Nov. 22, 1999 (Atlanta) -- It's still an investigational procedure -- as well as a controversial one -- but for the first time, researchers have evidence that brain cells transplanted from fetal tissue into the brain of a Parkinson's disease patient work as intended. That is, the cells store and rel

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