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Millicent Simmonds

Actor, 17, Utah

1. What did you like best about returning to the world of A Quiet Place for the sequel?

To see my "movie family" and work with them again! We already know each other, so we understand what each other needs and how to support them the best we can. We all reconnected again. The locations of A Quiet Place are so beautiful as always. I miss being surrounded by nature.

2. What most appealed to you about your character, Regan?

Her confidence. I love how she used her cochlear implant as a weapon, to take her weakness and use it to become her strength. She refused to let it bring her down. That made me feel more motivated and inspired to do my best to portray Regan. 

3. What scares you in real life?

I do have stage fright, but every time I get onstage and see people watching me, I think that calms me down. I try to think about the fact that people don't have to be there, but they are. I feel that they are supporting me, so that makes me get over my stage fright.

4. What or who gives you courage?

My family. Especially my mom. She's one of the strongest people I know. I see how hard she works, always pushing herself to do her best, and I learn so much from her by just watching her. I have so much respect for her, and whatever I do, I always keep her in the back of my mind and want to make her proud.

5. How does it feel to be a role model?

It's such an honor to be a deaf role model and role model in general, because not a lot of people have that. Right now, I'm in a position where I can inspire and teach people about deaf culture and the community -- a community that I'm very proud of and that I love. It's a privilege, really.

6. How do you like to advocate for more representation for your community?


My goals for more representation are to teach people how to work alongside of us and how to communicate with us. It's really not as hard as I think people think it is. I'm noticing that people are slowly becoming more open-minded and are listening to us now. We keep chipping away at that barrier.

7. How do you like to keep fit?

I have a few exercise apps that I really love on my phone, and it's convenient to do them when I'm on set or in the hotel. When I'm at home, I go to an indoor rock-climbing gym with my brother, and I love it! I love to push myself. It's such an individual sport, and your only competition is yourself. I love that. I also love to do yoga, so I'm trying to do that every day, too.

8. Do you make a point to eat a healthy diet?

I really try to stick to a plant-based diet with some protein. I try to drink a ton of water during the day, and I have some herbal teas that I really like.

9. Any guilty-pleasure foods?

Red velvet and carrot cakes!

10. What advice has served you best as an actor?

My parents, who I'm very close with, told me that I can take my time to speak what's on my mind and be clear about how I feel and what I need. In this industry, where everyone's so busy and so focused on their part, it's really hard to sit down and talk about what you need to get the job done. But we, especially kids in this industry, need to remember that we need to stop and communicate our needs.

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