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    Don't Miss Out on Coverage for Preventive Care

    You give your health a lot of time and thought. Things you do today for yourself can help you out in the future. That includes preventive care.

    Depending on your insurance policy, you may not have to pay to get those services. As part of the Affordable Care Act, all non-grandfathered health plans must offer the following preventive care at no cost to you at the time of the visit.

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    If you have a grandfathered health plan, which is one that existed before March 2010 and has made few changes to its benefits and costs, it doesn’t have to offer these services without asking you to share in the cost. But some grandfathered health plans cover preventive services at no cost to you. Check your insurance policy for details.

    No matter what kind of insurance policy you have, though, your age, gender, and health status can affect the types of preventive services that are covered.

    Look at your plan's summary of benefits to see if you can get the services on the following list without extra cost. You can also use the list to know what kinds of services your doctor may offer. There are separate lists, too, just for women and children. You can find links to them on

    Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening Test for Men

    What it does: Uses an ultrasound to look for an aneurysm, or bulging, in the main artery in the abdomen, called the aorta. If an aneurysm gets too large, it can burst and lead to death.

    How often: One time for men ages 65 to 75 who have smoked at any time in their lives. The preventive health guidelines don't recommend a screening for women or for men who have never smoked.

    Alcohol Misuse Screening Test and Counseling

    What it does: Looks for drinking problems in adults 18 and older by asking a series of questions. If you have trouble controlling the amount of alcohol you drink, you'll also receive free, brief behavioral counseling to help you cut back or quit drinking alcohol.

    How often: At your physical exam each year.

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