5 Facts About Your Kidneys

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Here are five amazing facts about the kidney. Your kidney acts like your body's janitor. It's primary job is to keep the place clean, so that everything runs smoothly. To do that, it filters your blood. It can sift through about 200 quarts of blood a day. Of that, 99% is recycled, and any extra water and waste is flushed through your pee.

It also acts like a cardiologist, probably the best you've ever had. It sends out hormones to regulate your blood pressure, making sure your heart pumps smoothly throughout the day. Your kidney has your back, and your legs, arms, and feet, too. Basically, every bone in your body. It produces vitamin D to make sure your bones stay healthy and strong. You can live without one of your kidneys. In fact, you only need roughly 60% of kidney function to feel fit.