Andrea M. Braslavsky

As one of WebMD's staff medical writers, Andrea M. Braslavsky spends her day researching stories, conducting interviews, attending the occasional professional conference, and writing, writing, writing.

Before joining WebMD in June 1998, Andrea spent six years at CNN. She began as a general news writer and line producer at Headline News, eventually moving into CNN's award-winning Medical News division. While there, she worked as producer and writer of the weekly "Your Health"show, and helped launch the monthly "Better Health Network,"a private network seen exclusively in physicians' waiting rooms. No stranger to tight deadlines and the pressure of breaking news, Andrea spent much of her time producing, and occasionally writing, stories for daily air. Her fluency in several languages has served her well while covering international stories.

Andrea is a Vassar graduate and has a MS degree from Columbia University School of Journalism, where she focused on international reporting and photojournalism.

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