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Gorilla Glue on Hair Leads to Hospital Visit

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Feb. 8, 2021 -- A Louisiana woman ended up in the emergency room after using a commercial adhesive spray on her hair.

Tessica Brown of Violet, LA, has posted the entire ordeal on Instagram. She explained that when she ran out of her normal hair spray, she turned to Gorilla Glue’s spray-on-adhesive.

"Bad, bad, bad idea," she said.

Brown said her hair hadn’t moved in about a month despite washing it 15 times.

Brown’s plight eventually went viral on social media, and after trying a variety of solutions, including coconut oil and tea tree oil, Brown turned to a local hospital for help.

Gorilla Glue tried to help as well, posting on Twitter: "Hi there, we are sorry to learn about your experience! We do not recommend using our products in hair as they are considered permanent," the message read. "You can try soaking the affected area in warm, soapy water or applying rubbing alcohol to the area."

While Brown -- who has become known as “Gorilla Glue Girl” -- has not provided an update on social media since Sunday, a GoFundMe account for her has raised more than $7,000.

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