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Sweep Off the Years

Forget facelifts -- the right hairstyle can actually make you look years younger! Our favorite trick is side-swept bangs, like those worn by Cameron Diaz. They're elegant, not schoolgirly. The sweep covers your hairline and draws focus away from any fine lines in your face, creating a "soft, timeless look," says celebrity stylist Billy Lowe.

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You Can Wear Long Hair After 40

Some women think they have to chop off their hair the minute they turn 40. But as 50-something Julia Roberts proves, longer styles can still be flattering. The key, says Lowe, is to avoid stick-straight hair around your face. Loose waves add softness and – bonus! -- help if you have a less-than-perfect neck.

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halle berry at film festival
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Time to Play with Your Hair

If you want a gamine haircut, avoid styles that are too polished or stiff. Create some texture like Halle Berry does. Rub in shaping clay and pull some pieces around your face to draw attention away from any fine lines. Lowe says pixie cuts usually look best on women with small frames and delicate features.

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spice girl victoria beckham
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Bring Out Your Cheekbones

Victoria Beckham plays up her bone structure with an angled bob. This style really opens up your face and creates a trendy, fun vibe. To get Victoria's look, ask your stylist to angle the ends so they are longer in front – and don't forget the side-swept bangs! One thing to consider: You do need a firm jawline to pull this off.

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melissa leo at the oscars
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Curls Have More Fun

A head full of bouncy curls goes right along with a youthful attitude. Fifty-something Melissa Leo's layered curls draw attention away from any signs of aging in her face and neck. The trick to creating lots of body is using two different-sized curling irons. Then rake your fingers through the waves so they're loose, and spritz with hairspray right away.

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Layers Flatter Your Face

Diane Keaton's choppy layers are just the right length to frame her face. Her style is basically a layered bob. The layers add texture and draw the eye toward her best features. As you blow-dry, turn the ends out. Use a hairspray made for textured cuts to separate and hold the chunky pieces.

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cate blanchett laughing
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Short Cuts for Fine Hair

Very fine, straight hair looks best at shoulder-length or even shorter. Cate Blanchett's crop looks full and perky, thanks to her side-swept bangs and a slightly longer length in the back. Don’t try to fake big hair by wearing a stiff, frozen style. That’ll only make you look older.

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jennifer lopez posing
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Face-Framing Highlights

Of course, one of the most powerful tricks for turning back time is hair color -- and we're not just talking about covering up the gray. Jennifer Lopez looks radiant with caramel highlights. But don't overdo it, Lowe warns. Ask your stylist for five or 10 foils around your hairline to brighten your face.

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jennifer anniston at an awards show
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Go Lighter to Look Younger

Dark hair color can age your face, says celebrity colorist Sharon Dorram. Your best bet is to go about two shades lighter than your natural color and then add subtle highlights, like Jennifer Anniston does. But you also don't want your hair to be unnaturally pale, especially if you have olive skin.

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eva longoria on the red carpet
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Updating the Up-Do

A modern up-do is youthful and classy. Take a cue from Eva Longoria. Part your hair on the side, sweep the big section across your forehead, and pull the ends back into a low bun. Don't pull hair straight off your forehead into a high, tight bun -- that automatically adds at least a decade!

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tyra banks smizing
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Extreme Bangs

Blunt bangs can give you a flattering look if you have striking eyes like Tyra Banks. And it can hide your forehead wrinkles. But if you have any puffiness or fine lines around your eyes, blunt bangs at the brow line can call attention to them. They also tend to box in your face rather than opening it up. So make sure this style is right for you before cutting lots of bangs.

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woman washing her hair
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Healthy Hair is Young-Looking Hair

Strong, shiny hair looks youthful, no matter your age. Whenever you shampoo, give your scalp a massage to get the blood flowing and strengthen your roots. Nutrients that help grow longer, thicker hair include green tea, biotin, the B vitamins, and vitamins A, C, and E. Stock up by eating more whole grains, beans, carrots, and spinach.

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