Barry Sears, PhD

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Barry Sears, PhD, began the research that led to the development of the Zone Diet for a very selfish reason -- he wanted to avoid a premature heart attack. All the males on his father's side of the family have died of heart disease in their early 50s. After earning his Ph.D. at Indiana University and doing post-doctoral work at the University of Virginia, Sears was a researcher at Boston University and MIT before forming his own biotechnology company.

His research led him to the Zone in the late '80s, which he continued to refine. In 1995, he wrote The Zone, which became a number-one New York Times best-seller and led to a revolution in nutritional thinking. He also is the author of Mastering the Zone, Zone Perfect Meals in Minutes, Zone Food Blocks, and The Anti-Aging Zone.

He is the president of The Sears Technology Group, where he is hard at work developing drug delivery systems and the myriad of other inventions that fill his mind. He has begun work on more books and is developing an educational Zone program for his web site. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, Lynn, and two daughters Kelly and Kristin.

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