Brian S. Boxer Wachler, MD

Brian S. Boxer Wachler, MD

Brian S. Boxer Wachler, MD, is considered America’s TV Eye Doctor and is a WebMD medical editor. He founded the Boxer Wachler Vision Institute in Beverly Hills, CA, where is a keratoconus expert. Beforehand, he was director of the UCLA Laser Refractive Center as well as an assistant professor in UCLA’s department of ophthalmology at the Jules Stein Eye Institute. At the age of 31, he was one of the youngest directors of any medical division in the history of UCLA. He has an international reputation as an authority on keratoconus and Intacs, Holcomb C3-R, and CK in addition to LASIK, Visian ICL, and other advanced surgical techniques. Boxer Wachler authored three best-selling books on keratoconus: Modern Management of Keratoconus, Holcomb C3-R Crosslinking for Keratoconusand Other Disorders, and How We Conquered Keratoconus. He has published over 50 peer-reviewed papers in medical journals on keratoconus, Intacs, Holcomb C3-R, LASIK, ICL, and cataract surgery, in addition to 16 book chapters. Over his career, he has been an author on over 230 scientific talks delivered at scientific symposia around the globe. He was selected to give a distinguished TED talk on keratoconus and his challenging journey to overcome obstacles in order to bring Holcomb C3-R to the world.

Boxer Wachler has been featured on the Today show, The Doctors, Dr. Drew's Life Changers, CNN, NBC Los Angeles, ABC Los Angeles, CBS Los Angeles, CBS Newspath, NBC Evening News, Extra, Good Day LA, KTLA, and Univision.  Several radio shows including National Public Radio, KNX News, and KFWB News have interviewed him.  He has been written about in Time, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, Sports Illustrated, the Wall Street Journal, Shape, Huffington Post, Los Angeles Magazine, Woman’s World, Aesthetic Guide, Life After 50, and Senior Life.

Setting the highest standards for both himself and the Boxer Wachler Vision Institute, Boxer Wachler was awarded the industry's coveted Apex Plus Society award for excellence in performing over 1,000 laser vision procedures in a single year. Because of his expertise, he is routinely invited to lecture on the latest advances in vision correction procedures, keratoconus treatments, and patient care at conferences worldwide. Doctors from all over the world visit Boxer Wachler to learn his expert surgical and patient care techniques. The most difficult and challenging refractive surgery cases from the community are regularly referred to him. 

Having had LASIK himself in 1997, Boxer Wachler knows firsthand what it is like to consider vision correction procedures. Being a patient allows him to relate to his patients before, during, and after the procedure. 

Boxer Wachler's experience in FDA clinical trials includes four different manufacturers of excimer lasers, the holmium laser for hyperopia, Intacs for myopia, scleral expansion bands for presbyopia, and phakic intraocular lenses for myopia and hyperopia. He is continually at the forefront of new discoveries. 



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