Chris D. Meletis, ND

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Dr. Chris D. Meletis earned his ND in 1992 at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. NCNM is the oldest existing naturopathic medical school in North America.

Chris Meletis, ND, serves as the Dean of Clinical Affairs/Chief Medical Officer at NCNM. He is also a professor at the college and teaches among his many classes natural pharmacology, which is the study of how natural medicines work within the body and how they can be applied clinically.

Meletis is the author of many national articles, and two books: Interactions between Drugs and Natural Medicines that he co-authored with Thad Jacobs, ND, and a book entitled Better Sex Naturally. The interaction book offers an overview of potential interactions that may arise when combining natural medicines with drugs and with supplements. The book Better Sex Naturally is designed to offer insights into natural medicine approaches that you may chose to discuss with your health care provider to ensure optimal health and function.

Meletis believes that vibrant health is maintained through prevention and regained by addressing the underlying cause of imbalance within the body that manifests as symptoms.


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