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David Holzman is a freelancer based in Lexington, Mass., formerly of Washington, D.C., who covers medicine and science. Besides WebMD, his work has appeared in Smithsonian, Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Science, Technology Review, The Dean's Report of the Harvard Medical School, Boston Globe, Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and other newspapers, magazines, and journals. He contributed a chapter on protein folding to the National Academy of Sciences' book on cutting-edge science, "A Positron Called Priscilla." He is a contributing editor for Physician's Weekly, and former Journal Highlights Editor for the American Society for Microbiology. He won first prize in feature writing from the American College of Radiology for a cover story on medical imaging that appeared in Insight Magazine.

Holzman was a trustee of Group Health Association, an HMO in Washington, D.C. Following graduation from the University of California, Berkeley, he rode a bicycle from Seattle to Boston.


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