Emily Dingman

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Emily Dingman is a nutritionist who loves all things food: reading, cooking, and definitely eating! Here you will find her journey through healthy, indulgent, and everything in between (wine included).

Food Philosophy:

Simply put, she believes in all foods in moderation. She builds her meals around vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats but makes sure to leave room for cheese, burgers, and baguettes!

Dingman prefers to focus on whole, real foods and shies away from processed foods, artificial ingredients, and foods that have an ingredient list a mile long. She buys organic when possible and though it gets expensive, it is worth it to her. She’s found that real foods with portion control works for her.

Some of the food Dingman cooks is very rich, full of butter or cheese, and may not seem healthy. This food doesn’t require large portions to make one feel satisfied. This works, but like everything, it may not work for everyone.  Dingman definitely prefers quality over quantity. With that said, she always rounds out a rich meal like risotto with a big side of veggies or salad.

Why a Blog?

In early 2009, Dingman started toying around with the idea of starting a blog. She wanted to share recipes, nutrition and health tips, and new and exciting foods. That March, she went for it and would now classify herself as an obsessed blogger. She now can be found taking pictures of food, writing down notes, and happily typing on her little computer.


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