Gary Latham, PhD

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Gary Latham, PhD, is the Secretary of State Professor of Organizational Effectiveness in the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. He holds cross appointments at the University's department of psychology and its Centre for Industrial Relations.

Latham has been teaching and researching motivation and goal setting-strategies for close to 20 years. He teaches courses in motivation and management to MBA and PhD students at the university. In recent years, his research has been focused on the role of functional vs. dysfunctional self-talk in motivating individuals.

Last year, Latham served as the president of the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA). He was named a fellow of the American Psychological Association in 1979 and a fellow of the CPA in 1985. He has served on the editorial boards of numerous publications including the Journal of Behavior Management and the Asian Pacific Journal of Human Resource Applied Psychology.

He holds a master's degree from Georgia Tech University and a PhD from the University of Akron. Prior to joining the University of Toronto in 1990, he worked as a psychologist in Atlanta, Ga., and Tacoma, Wash., and as a professor at the University of Washington.

Further information on Latham's background can be found at his web site.

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