Judi Hollis, PhD

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Judi Hollis, PhD, is a leading pioneer in the weight-loss and relationship fields and a founder of pioneering innovative treatment programs for New York City’s addict population. She is the author of the best-selling Fat Is a Family Affair, along with Fat & Furious, Hot & Heavy, and countless tapes, videos, pamphlets, and workbooks. She combines her clinical expertise in psychology with extensive training in rehabilitation counseling, family therapy, and addiction counseling. In addition, she brings insights from her own personal recovery from lifelong obesity, other addictions, and co-dependency.

Hollis's enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and humorous delivery is regularly featured on national TV broadcasts. She also hosts her own "Dr. Jude’s Ladies Locker Room" on radio. In addition to her ongoing writing, Hollis travels and lectures worldwide.

Hollis maintains consulting practices in New York and Los Angeles, providing individual and family counseling as well as periodic weekend and week-long retreats.

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