Kathleen DesMaisons, PhD

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Kathleen DesMaisons, PhD, is the author of The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program and president of Radiant Recovery, a treatment program for alcoholism, drug dependency, depression, and compulsive behavior based in Albuquerque, N.M.

DesMaisons revolutionized the field of chemical dependency treatment with her pioneering work in addictive nutrition and coined the term "sugar sensitivity" to describe those who are addicted to sugar and simple carbohydrates. She developed a treatment program that has a 92% success rate for clients who are recovering from alcohol and drug addictions.

Her best-selling book, Potatoes not Prozac, explains sugar sensitivity and describes how to use food to change your biochemistry and experience improved health, both physically and emotionally.

DesMaisons received her doctoral degree from The Union Institute.

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