Lisa McClure Guthrie, Health Editor at WebMD

Lisa McClure Guthrie is a senior health editor at WebMD, where she oversees medical reference articles, features, and other content on a variety of medical topics.

Guthrie is a native Georgian and has a journalism degree from the University of Georgia. She was a writer, copy editor, and editorial manager at CNN for more than 25 years. She wrote news and features and was involved in the network’s political coverage, traveling to national conventions, as well as to Johannesburg for the historic South African elections. She also contributed to CNN’s live broadcast on Sept. 11, 2001. 

In her time away from TV, Guthrie wrote and edited digital content. Her work at Curing Kids Cancer brought her close to cutting-edge pediatric cancer research. With Jackson Healthcare, she focused on hospital and physician care, nursing trends, and the charitable work of hospitals across the country. At Premier Anesthesia, Guthrie told stories of how technology helped improve operation rooms and, in turn, patient outcomes.

Social justice is an important component of Guthrie’s family life. She’s involved in the St. Vincent de Paul organization that serves people in need. She also is the communications lead for Fortunate and Faithful Families Atlanta, which works to improve the relationship between LGBTQ+ people and the Catholic Church. In 2023, she was a panelist at the international Outreach LGBTQ ministry conference.

Guthrie is an open-minded foodie and unpretentious wine and bourbon enthusiast. And, as do most people with orange hair, she detests clowns.

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