Marty Klein, PhD

Marty Klein, PhD

Marty Klein, PhD, has been a licensed marriage and family counselor and sex therapist for 20 years. His entire career has been aimed toward a single set of goals: telling the truth about sexuality, helping people feel sexually normal and powerful, and supporting the healthy sexual expression and exploration of women and men. 

Klein pursues his goal of a sexually enlightened world through therapy, lectures, writing, television, and radio. He has published 160 articles in magazines such as Playboy, New Woman, and Parents. A former contributing editor to Mademoiselle, The New Physician, American Baby, Modern Bride, and Men's Guide to Fashion, Klein also has chapters in several professional books, such as The Handbook of Clinical Child Psychology (Wiley, 1992) and Treating Sexual Disorders (Jossey-Bass, 1996). 

Klein's first book was Your Sexual Secrets: When to Keep Them, When & How to Tell (Dutton, 1988; Berkley paperback, 1990). Excerpted in five national magazines and cited in a dozen popular or professional books, it has been published in five languages. 

Klein's second book is Ask Me Anything: A Sex Therapist Answers the Most Important Questions for the '90s (Simon & Schuster, 1992). After four printings, it has been picked up for a fifth by Pacifica Press. Published in six languages, the book has been acclaimed by everyone from USA Today and The California Therapist to Joan Rivers. 

A popular guest in the media, Klein has been featured on radio in over 50 cities. His TV credits include virtually every national talk show, including Phil Donahue, Sally Jessy Raphael, Sonya Friedman, Jenny Jones, and Today. Klein is that rare professional: truly an expert in his field, comfortable on live TV, and extremely funny. His wit and expertise also make him a frequently quoted expert appearing in Newsweek, USA Today, and even Ann Landers.

A tireless speaker, Klein has given scores of keynote speeches, training programs, and popular lectures to groups including the American College of Surgeons, Junior League National Conference, Miami Women's Hospital, Illinois University, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and Stanford University Medical Center. His books, audiotapes, and videotapes frequently sell out at such events. 

Known and respected by his colleagues, Klein has been elected a national board member of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex. Several of his papers are archived in the Kinsey Institute, and he is listed in the International Who's Who of Sexology. He was recently honored for Lifetime Literary Achievement by the California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists. 

As a therapist, Klein works each week with couples and individuals who have a variety of sexual and nonsexual difficulties. He lives in Palo Alto, Calif., with his wife, cactus garden, and enormous collection of rock 'n' roll albums. He plays chamber music in a quartet called Behinde the Tymes.

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