Patricia O. Quinn, MD

Patricia O. Quinn, MD

Patricia O. Quinn, MD, specializes in the treatment of ADHD, both in children and adults. Quinn is a developmental pediatrician in Washington, D.C. A graduate of Georgetown University Medical School, she completed a fellowship in developmental pediatrics at Georgetown and specializes in child development and psychopharmacology.

Quinn has worked for more than 35 years in the areas of ADHD and learning disabilities. On her web site, she answers important questions about both of these disorders. In 2000, Quinn received the CHADD Hall of Fame Award for her work in these areas.

Quinn is the author of more than 20 books on ADHD for children, adults, and professionals, including the award-winning Attention, Girls! A Guide to Learn All About Your ADHD for girls 8-13 and 100 Questions and Answers About ADHD in Women and Girls. For more than a decade, Quinn has devoted her attention to the issues confronting girls and women with ADHD and feels a strong commitment to help them to identify and manage issues specific to their gender. Her 1999 book, Understanding Girls with ADHD, is groundbreaking in its presentation of this population. She is the co-founder and director of the National Center for Girls and Women with ADHD.

Dr. Quinn also specializes in high school and college students with ADHD. Her latest books address this population and include ADHD and LD for College and On Your Own: A College Readiness Guide for Teens with ADHD/LD.

Quinn is a well-known international speaker and conducts workshops nationwide about ADHD. She has appeared on Lifetime TV's New Attitudes, the PBS show To the Contrary, and on Good Morning America to discuss the issue of girls and women with ADHD. Quinn appeared in a video aired on PBS titled Outside In: A Look at Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder. She produced and appeared in an educational video called ADD: Transition to College - Passport to Success for the National Attention Deficit Disorder Association. She is a founding board member of the EDGE Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing coaches to high school and college students with ADHD. Quinn, who has ADHD, has four children, three of whom have ADHD as well.

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Disclosure: Dr. Quinn currently serves as a consultant and/or speaker for Shire and Noven Pharmaceuticals.

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