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Robert C. Atkins, MD, is the founder and medical chairman of The Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine, in New York City. A 1951 graduate of the University of Michigan, Atkins received his medical degree from Cornell University Medical School in 1955, and went on to specialize in cardiology. In his more than 40 years of practice, he has cared for more than 65,000 patients.

Along with seeing patients daily, Atkins continues to champion the natural healing arts as a safe and effective alternative to pharmaceutical drugs and surgery for many debilitating illnesses. He stresses the importance of proper diet in concert with nutritional support to prevent and combat heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, all of which have grown to epidemic proportions. As a pioneer in complementary medicine, Atkins has helped to bring national attention and credibility to its practice. In more than 30 years at The Atkins Center, he has been offering patients "the best of both worlds," integrating the latest conventional medical techniques with alternative therapies.

Atkins is the author of a number of books that promote controlled carbohydrate nutrition and complementary medical techniques. His original Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution, published in 1972, introduced the Atkins Nutritional ApproachTM. Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution (1992, 1999) has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.

In 1989, Atkins founded Complementary Formulations, Inc. (renamed Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. in 1998), with three key goals in mind: 1) to provide controlled carbohydrate foods and nutritional supplements, herbs, and minerals to a growing population of Atkins followers; 2) to generate funds to invest in controlled carbohydrate nutritional and medical research; and 3) to support the development of complementary medicine in the United States as practiced at The Atkins Center. Today, Atkins Nutritionals is a market-leading provider of supplements, food, and information products designed to serve the millions of Atkins followers.

Atkins and his wife, Veronica, established the Dr. Robert C. Atkins Foundation in 1999, thus far endowed with $2 million in grants. The Foundation is dedicated to providing funding for research and education on the role of controlled carbohydrate nutritional protocols in treating and preventing a wide range of diseases and medical conditions. Unrestricted research grants have already been awarded to a number of institutions, including Duke University and the University of Connecticut. In March 2001, The Foundation agreed to provide Harvard University with a $275,000 grant in support of controlled carbohydrate research.

As a leader in the areas of natural medicine and nutritional pharmacology, Atkins has built an international reputation. He is the recipient of the World Organization of Alternative Medicine's Recognition of Achievement Award and was the National Health Federation's Man of the Year. Atkins is also the co-founder and past president of the Foundation for the Advancement of Innovative Medicine (FAIM).

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