Robert J. Hedaya, MD, PA

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Robert J. Hedaya, MD, PA, is a diversely trained and experienced psychiatrist. Dr. Hedaya obtained both a BA in Psychology (1974) Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, and a medical degree (1979) at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Following his degree studies, Dr. Hedaya acquired specialized training in psychiatry at Georgetown University Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, with additional training in biological psychiatry at the National Institute of Mental Health. After his entrance into private practice in 1983, he engaged in five years of supervision in family systems theory, as well as training in integrative hypnotherapy. He then went on to advanced training in endocrinology, functional medicine, and orthomolecular psychiatry. Since 1983, Dr. Hedaya has combined an active clinical practice with teaching as a clinical professor of psychiatry at Georgetown University Hospital. He has also been a consultant to the National Institute of Mental Health. Dr. Hedaya routinely teaches cognitive therapy classes and an annual affective disorders program for psychiatrists in training at Georgetown. Recently, he was appointed to teach the first psychoendocrinology course at Georgetown University Hospital Department of Psychiatry

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