Shannon Wilder, Managing Editor at WedMD

Shannon Wilder, Managing Editor at WedMD

Shannon Wilder is a managing editor at WebMD. She joined the staff in 2008 as a senior health editor. 

Wilder has piloted and overseen a number of initiatives, including WebMD's Health Now podcast and the patient and expert contributor blogs program. She's a seasoned journalist with more than two decades of experience translating complicated health information into digital, audio, and print products for a consumer audience. 

Wilder previously spent several years with the Arthritis Foundation's national headquarters. She served as both an editor on the consumer publications team and as managing editor of Arthritis Today magazine. 

Wilder has a degree in journalism and international relations from the University of Alabama and proudly supports the Crimson Tide’s many championship-caliber athletic teams. In her spare time, she enjoys taking photos of the flora and fauna around Atlanta and writing fiction of questionable quality.

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