Ellie & Melissa

Ellie & Melissa

Melissa Gould and Ellie Miller are the founding partners of  Ellie & Melissa, The Baby Planners, the nation’s No. 1 baby concierge and consulting service. Gould and Miller created this innovative service to guide expectant parents through the overwhelming and ever-changing baby product marketplace.

Since its launch in fall 2006, The Baby Planners has set the standard in this emerging field.  Their mission is to taste, touch, smell, sleep with, wear, carry, push, and pull every possible baby product and/or service available to stay on top of the most current safety standards and the latest trends.  The Baby Planners has recently expanded its services to include corporate consulting, helping clients to both market and solidify their brands.

Offering advice, tips, and fabulous finds, Ultrasounds, The Baby Planners blog, is a must-read for parents and industry insiders alike. Gould and Miller's wit and wisdom have been featured in Pregnancy Magazine, The Cradle, The Bump, Tibesti, and The Hot Moms Club, and their videos can be seen on DisneyFamily.com and BabyZone.com.   Gould and Miller have also been seen on the Rachael Ray Show, Access Hollywood, People, CNN, and more.   

Ellie & Melissa, The Baby Planners can be found at www.thebabyplanners.com

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