Nosebleeds Treatment

Medically Reviewed by Carol DerSarkissian, MD on January 15, 2020

1. Stop the Bleeding

  • Have the person sit up straight and lean forward slightly. Don't have the person lie down or tilt the head backward.
  • With thumb and index finger, firmly pinch the nose just below the bone up against the face.
  • Apply pressure for 5 minutes. Time yourself with a clock.
  • If bleeding continues after 5 minutes, repeat the process.

2. Call a Healthcare Provider

See a healthcare provider immediately if:

3. Medical Treatment

  • The healthcare provider may use specialized cotton material, insert a balloon in the nose, or use a special electrical tool to cauterize the blood vessels.

4. Follow Up

  • Broken noses often are not fixed immediately. The healthcare provider will refer the person to a specialist for a consultation once the swelling goes down.
  • The person should avoid strenuous activity; bending over; and blowing, rubbing, or picking the nose until it heals.
  • The nostrils should be kept moist with a water-based lubricant or by increasing the humidity in the home.