How does coronavirus spread?


The coronavirus spreads from person to person through respiratory droplets –drops of mucus that spray into the air when we cough or sneeze. There is also growing evidence that smaller particles called aerosols can hang in the air longer and travel farther.  These aerosols may also play a part in transmission.

A cough or sneeze can also send the virus 6 feet away or more. That’s why we recommend keeping at least 6 feet between you and anyone else and always wear a mask in public to decrease the risk of spread. If those droplets land on a surface, they can remain there for several hours. In addition, the CDC reports there is evidence the virus can be transmitted if you get within 6 feet of someone who is infectious for a total of 15 minutes throughout a day, so it is important to limit your exposure.

A variety of studies are looking at how long the virus stays alive on a variety of surfaces.  It is still unclear if this increases the chance of transmission.  From what we know so far – transmission from surfaces is much lower risk than person to person.  

Coronavirus has also been detected in stool. That means if someone goes to the bathroom and doesn’t wash their hands well, the virus could remain on their hands and spread from there.e.

Reviewed by Michael W. Smith on October 23, 2020
Reviewed by Michael W. Smith on October 23, 2020


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