Little Dog - Learn to Focus

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Kate Jackson
This exercise is called "focus" and this is one of the most important exercises in teaching your dog to pay attention to you, which also helps with all your other training. For little dogs because they are so sensitive to your dog language, it's best if you get down on the floor with them. You're gong to start by holding your dog's leash right up next to the collar to prevent them from jumping up toward your face. You're going to show them you have a treat in your hand and ask them "watch" as you quickly bring your treat to your face. After a couple of seconds tell them "yes" and give them the treat. So every day you're going to increase the amount of time you expect your dog to watch by a couple of seconds, until you've got a good 30 second watch. "Yes!" From there you can start practicing the watch from a standing position. To make sure you don't intimidate your little dog, keep all your weight on your back foot and bend down to give them the treat to keep from towering over them… "Scrub watch..very good! That's a good girl. Yes" This is a fantastic exercise to getting your dog's undivided attention. For WebMD's, Pint Size One Minute Trainer, I'm Kate Jackson.