Sept. 4, 2019 -- In July, WebMD and Georgia Health News published a story that detailed how three census tracts in the state were at higher risk of cancer because of toxic emissions from two nearby medical sterilization plants. The higher risks from the gas -- ethylene oxide -- were detailed in an Environmental Protection Agency report published in 2018. The EPA at the time did not notify the public of its findings, a fact that sparked public outrage and scrutiny from government officials.

Original story:

Residents Unaware of Cancer-Causing Toxin in Air

WebMD and Georgia Health News continue to cover developments in this ongoing story. Articles are listed in chronological order, with the newest first.

Ethylene Oxide Emission Plan Called 'Weak'

FDA: Plant Closings Could Cause Device Shortages

In a Last-Minute Deal, BD Avoids Long Shutdown

Georgia Sues to Close Sterilization Plant

City: Shutter Plant Until Toxic Air Addressed

Georgia Plant Reports 8-Day Ethylene Oxide Link

County Delays Georgia Sterigenics Reopening

Cancer Risk Spurs Call to Replace Ethylene Oxide

Early Georgia Air Test Results Raise Questions

Atlanta Sterilizer Closes as Locals Plan Air Tests

Georgia Investigates Toxic Gas Leak at Smyrna Plant

State’s Legal Moves Cause Mixed Messages on Toxic Air

Georgia Residents Demand State Act on Toxic Air

Local Air Testing For Toxic Gas Closer to Reality

State Oks New Plan to Cut Toxic Pollution at Plant

Covington Citizens Urge Testing for Toxic Pollution

GA Governor to Investigate Toxic Air at Plants

Georgia City Pledges to Test Air for Toxic Gas

 Veterans of Toxic Air Fight Vow to Help Others

Residents, Leaders ‘Shocked’ by Toxic Air Report