Finding Added Sugar in Food

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Well, the Food and Drug Administration is considering adding a line on the nutrient facts panel-- that's the square box that has the nutrition information either on the side or the back of food that's packaged that might have a, or would have a line for added sugar.

However, until that happens, how do you figure out how much sugar is in a product?

And it really goes to looking at the ingredient list and knowing how to interpret the ingredient list.

So the ingredient list, the order has to do with the component that is highest in a product down to the component that's lowest.

So if the sugar or sucrose or corn syrup is down near where, let's say, the salt is, you know there's only a little bit.

If the ingredients that have added sugar-- so those would be things like sucrose, fructose, corn syrup, concentrated fruit juice, honey, molasses-- if they are all at the top of the ingredient list, then you can assume that that product probably has a lot of added sugar.