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Weakness and Fatigue

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Check Your Symptoms

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If you have any of the following symptoms, evaluate those symptoms first.

  • Chest pain: Go to the topic Chest Pain.
  • Change in your heart rate: Go to the topic Change in Heartbeat.
  • Headache: Go to the topic Headaches.
  • Thoughts of suicide or harming yourself: Go to the topic Suicidal Thoughts or Threats.
  • A sleep problem: Go the topic Sleep Problems, Age 12 and Older.

Have you had weakness with a temporary loss of function, but all your symptoms are improving or are now gone?

Do you have persistent generalized weakness?

Do you think your fatigue is caused by a mental health problem?

Do you think that your weakness or fatigue may be caused by a medicine?

Do you think that alcohol or other drugs may be causing your fatigue?

Do you have persistent fatigue?

Has your fatigue lasted longer than 2 weeks after you have had symptoms of another illness?

Do you have fatigue and unexplained weight gain or weight loss?

Other Symptoms to Watch For

If you have any of the following symptoms, evaluate those symptoms first.


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