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Health Quiz

Are You Prepared in An Emergency?

Check your first aid knowledge.

  1. Your child has gashed his leg on a piece of broken glass and it's bleeding heavily. While rushing to the emergency room, do you:
  2. Your mother-in-law has dropped a pot of boiling soup from the stove and scalded her arms. The skin is bright red and large blisters are starting to form, and the edges of her sleeves are sticking to the skin. Should you:
  3. Your husband was using an electric saw to cut some plywood -- and cut off his finger in the process. What should you do?
  4. Your 10-year-old fell on the patio and knocked out her front tooth. Should you:
  5. What should you do if someone has accidentally hammered a nail right through her hand?
  6. Your next-door neighbor just dropped a glass pitcher and got a shard of flying glass in her eye. How can you help?
  7. Your child fell and scraped up both knees. You should:

Wound Care Poll

What do you use to clean a minor cut?

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