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    Make Your Child’s Bedroom Allergy-Free

    If your child has allergies, keeping him away from what causes them may seem overwhelming. But it's easier than you think: Allergens are likely to hang out where your child does -- in his bedroom.

    The room may be filled with:

    • Common indoor allergens, like dust mites, mold, pet dander, and even cockroaches
    • Outdoor allergens, like pollen, that can come in on shoes and pets and be in the air coming through an open window
    • Substances in the air that can irritate airways, like secondhand smoke, product fragrances, and fumes from cleaning supplies

    Keep allergens in your child's bedroom to a minimum and you can help relieve his itching, sneezing, and watery eyes.

    Ditch Dust Mites

    The microscopic droppings of dust mites are the most common cause of year-round allergies. There are things you can do to get them out.

    • air.)

    Make a Mold-Free Bedroom

    Mold in your home can add to your child's allergy symptoms. Find the mold and its source:

    • Check carpeting for signs of mold or mildew, especially near windows.
    • Encourage your child to not leave dirty clothes on the floor. Don't leave damp or sweaty garments for a long time in the hamper. That's a perfect breeding ground for mold. Empty the hamper every day.
    • If you notice condensation on windows or window frames, try to find the cause. Find out how to deal with it so it doesn't lead to mold.
    • Fix leaky pipes or roofs.

    Get Picky with Pets

    Allergies to pets are usually reactions to a protein in pet saliva, dead skin flakes (dander), or urine of a furry animal. It’s not usually due to an animal’s hair. There is no such thing as a hypo-allergenic dog or cat breed, though some animals tend to produce more allergens than others.

    If you're thinking about a pet, consider one without fur or feathers. For instance, fish or a reptile shouldn't trigger a child’s allergy symptoms.

    If a dog, cat, or other furry animal is already part of your home and your hearts, try to:

    • Keep your pet out of your child's bedroom.
    • Bathe your pet weekly to cut down on the dander he sheds -- in the bedroom and elsewhere.
    • Have a non-allergic person clean the animal cage.

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