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  1. Food Allergies: Suspect, Test, Avoid

    These food allergy guidelines stress smart testing and smart eating.

  2. Tips for Fighting Spring Allergies

    Helpful tips for the Spring allergy season are provided by WebMD.

  3. Can Nasal Steroids Ease Allergy Symptoms?

    Inhaled nasal steroids may help ease your allergy symptoms and nasal congestion. Here’s information about inhaled nasal steroids from the experts at WebMD.

  4. Food Allergies - What Increases Your Risk

    You have a greater chance of developing food allergies if you have a family history of allergy.

  5. Food Allergies - Health Tools

    This health tool will help you make wise health decisions or take action regarding food allergies.

  6. Peanut Allergy - Overview

    What is a peanut allergy?A peanut allergy is a reaction that occurs when your body mistakenly identifies peanuts as harmful substances. When you eat peanuts or food containing peanuts, your immune system-the body's natural defense system that fights infections and diseases-overreacts and can cause a serious, even life - threatening response.What causes a peanut allergy?An allergic reaction occurs

  7. Allergies in Children: Giving an Epinephrine Shot to a Child

    If your child has had a severe allergic reaction in the past, you know how frightening it can be. Symptoms of breathing difficulty, itching, and swelling can come on quickly and become life - threatening. Giving your child an epinephrine shot with an EpiPen can slow down or stop an allergic reaction. That's why it is important to have an allergy kit containing an Epipen with you at all times and t

  8. Topic Overview

    Food labels tell you what ingredients are in a food. Look for the name of your allergen in the ingredient list,such as buttermilk if you are allergic to milk. You may see an unusual name such as "lecithin" followed by the common name (soy). Also look for a "contains" statement,such as "Contains Wheat,Milk,and Soy." The following table provides terms you may see on a food label for common ...

  9. Food Allergies - When To Call a Doctor

    For food allergies, call 911 or other emergency services immediately if you have had a severe reaction in the past from the same food and similar symptoms are developing. If you have an allergy kit prescribed by your doctor, give yourself the shot.

  10. How to Avoid Pollen

    Nature got you down? WebMD explains pollen allergies, including how to avoid them.

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