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Medical Reference Related to Asthma

  1. Food Allergies and Asthma

    Knowing if you're allergic to a certain food may help prevent serious problems with asthma and anaphylaxis.

  2. Asthma Treatments for Children

    Find out more about asthma treatments used in children, including nebulizers, inhalers, and more.

  3. Allergy Shots (Immunotherapy) for Asthma

    Allergy shots (immunotherapy) are a treatment in which small doses of substances to which you are allergic (allergens) are injected under your skin. Over time, your body may become less responsive to the allergens, which means you may have fewer symptoms.Allergy shots are given after careful skin testing for an allergy. During initial treatment, allergy shots are given once or twice a week.At ...

  4. Asthma in Children: Asthma Treatments

    Based on your child's history and the severity of asthma, his or her doctor will develop a care plan, called an "asthma action plan."

  5. Asthma in Children: 12 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

    Your child’s doctor is a vital resource for all your questions about asthma in children. Yet it’s easy to forget the important things when you’re in the doctor’s office. Here’s a list of key questions to ask about asthma in children. Print it and bring it to your child’s next doctor’s appointment.

  6. Asthma in Children: Symptoms and Risk Factors

    Recognizing and treating asthma in children from WebMD.

  7. Asthma Nebulizers (Breathing Machine)

    How to use a home nebulizer to treat asthma is discussed.

  8. Developing an Asthma Action Plan

    Developing an Asthma Action Plan for yourself and/or loved ones is an effective way to manage asthma symptoms and prevent asthma emergencies.

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When Is Your Asthma Worse?

When Is Your Asthma Worse?

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