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    How to Use a Metered Dose Inhaler With an Inspirease Spacer

    What is a metered dose inhaler with InspirEase Spacer?

    Inhaled asthma medications are often delivered by using a device called a metered dose inhaler, or "MDI." The MDI is a small aerosol canister in a plastic holder. It delivers a burst of medication directly into the lungs.

    To help make it easier for your child to use the MDI and ensure that the right amount of medication gets into the lungs, your child may be using an InspirEase spacer with the MDI. The purpose of the InspirEase is to hold the medication released from the MDI so that your child has time to inhale it into his lungs. Adults can also use the InspirEase, especially if they have problems using the MDI.

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    How does my child use a metered dose inhaler with InspirEase spacer?

    The InspirEase spacer consists of a mouthpiece and a reservoir bag. To use it correctly, follow the instructions below.

    1. Place the mouthpiece into the opening of the reservoir bag, making sure to line up the locking tabs. Twist clockwise to lock.
    2. Carefully untwist the reservoir bag until it is completely open.
    3. Remove the aerosol canister from its plastic holder.
    4. Shake the canister well.
    5. Insert the stem of the canister securely into the adapter port of the mouthpiece.
    6. Place the mouthpiece between the teeth and seal the lips tightly around it.
    7. Press down firmly on the canister to release one puff of medication into the reservoir bag.
    8. Breathe in slowly through your mouth. Continue to breathe in until the bag is completely closed. If you hear a whistling sound, breathe more slowly until the whistling stops.
    9. Hold your breath and count to five slowly (5 seconds). This allows the medication to settle in the airways of the lungs.
    10. Breathe out into the bag slowly.
    11. Take the mouthpiece out of your mouth and breathe normally.
    12. Repeat Steps 2-10, following the dosage prescribed by your doctor one puff from the MDI at a time, waiting a minimum of 3-5 minutes between puffs.

    How do I care for a metered dose Inhaler with InspirEase spacer?

    After use, take the aerosol canister out the mouthpiece and disconnect the reservoir bag from the mouthpiece. The InspirEase and aerosol canister can be stored in the carrying case provided.

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