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    1. Facing Depression During Pregnancy

      With pregnancy comes joy, excitement, baby showers, and the wonder of a new life. But for some, pregnancy is clouded by depression, a condition that puts not only the mother at risk, but the child as well. For more than 10% of pregnant women, the coming birth of a child is mingled with ongoing feeli

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    2. New First Aid Kit for Today's World

      Yesterday's family first aid kit has gotten an upgrade. Today's disaster kit contains all the traditional elements of a first aid kit and expands it to include survival items that could make the difference between life and death in the case of emergency. Experts say the best way to cope with disaste

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    3. Menu Help for Vegetarian Moms-to-be

      Whether you are a vegetarian (no meat) or strict vegan (no dairy products or eggs either), a well-balanced diet during pregnancy can provide all the nutrients necessary for both you and your baby -- along with the extra 300 calories per day that the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACO

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    4. Helping Your Late-Talking Children

      "Mama. Dada." Those are often the first words spoken by a baby, and they can turn an ordinary day into a memorable one for parents. But if children seem to lag behind their peers in their ability to talk, it can create anxiety and plenty of sleepless nights among parents, and perhaps prompt worried

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    5. Choosing the Sex of Your Child

      Besides slipping the stork some extra cash, would-be parents have a number of options for choosing the sex of their child. The methods range from the natural (such as using particular positions during intercourse) to the high-tech (such as sorting sperm). Couples have a 50/50 chance of conceiving a

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    6. Choosing Child Care Service

      Expectant parents should have more on their minds than shopping for playpens and stocking up on enough diapers to fill a three-car garage. They can't overlook one of the most important decisions they'll make for the well-being of their new baby - finding high-quality child care service. For decades,

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    7. Pregnancy's Ups and Downs

      Arlene Robles and Bobbie No are sisters who are both expecting a second child. They say their pregnancies have been relatively problem-free. In the four months she's been carrying the baby, No has thrown up only once, and at eight and a-half months, Robles has felt no morning sickness at all. The tw

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    8. Raising Strong, Confident Girls

      Girls are strong, smart, powerful, and can be whoever and whatever they want. Girls should be thin and sexy and dress like Britney Spears. Girls have the right to speak up in class and express their opinion. Girls should be seen and not heard. Girls can be doctors, engineers, and nuclear physicists.

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    9. Tests You Need During Pregnancy

      "Taking good care of yourself during pregnancy is the most important way to have a healthy baby," says E. Charles Lampley, MD, assistant professor at the Chicago Medical School and an ob-gyn at Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago. There are a number of prenatal tests you'll go through while you're pregn

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    10. Get Ready -- Baby's on the Way!

      Baby's on the way and you're seeing the doctor, taking your prenatal vitamins, and getting the nursery ready. Fine, so far. But don't overlook the fact that having a baby -- whether it's your first, your second, or even your fifth -- is going to have a profound effect on your life and the lives of t

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