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    The Pre-Baby Vacation

    Your little prince or princess is due to arrive soon, meaning dirty diapers, sleepless nights, and oh, the joys of parenthood. But before baby comes forth into this world, you want one last taste of freedom with a vacation of your choosing -- it's called the babymoon.

    Where to Babymoon continued...

    "If you are traveling to another country, you should check if that country requires immunizations," says Khalil Tabsh, MD, chief of obstetrics at UCLA. "If it's not a live vaccine, it is OK. If it is live, then you should check with your obstetrician." Live virus vaccines include measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, and yellow fever.

    You should also consider altitude when picking your vacation spot. The CDC recommends that all pregnant women avoid altitudes higher than 12,000 feet, and in high-risk or late-stage pregnancies, avoid destinations higher than 8,200 feet -- so save the trip to Mt. Everest for another day.

    Finally, do you fly or drive? The ACOG states that women can fly safely up to 36 weeks into their pregnancies.

    "If you are flying, check to see if there are any restrictions with the airline you've chosen," says Cesario. "There are certain airline policies that do require a letter from your doctor that it's safe for you to travel while pregnant -- you'd hate to plan a trip and find the airline won't let you get on."

    Packing Your Bag

    Your doctor has given you the green light, and you are ready for the babymoon to begin. What should you do next, other than pack a pair of flip flops and a sarong?

    • Check that you will have access to quality medical facilities at your travel destination, in case you need them. "I would take a complete list of contact information for your doctors," says Ivester. "I would also carry along contact information for qualified or highly-rated health-care facilities in the area where you are traveling, in case you need them."

    • Ensure your health insurance is valid while abroad, and to be on the safe side, the CDC suggests getting a supplemental travel insurance policy and a prepaid medical evaluation insurance policy.
    • Know your blood type, and find out if the blood supply where you are going is screened for HIV and hepatitis B.

    Babymoon Dos and Don'ts

    You're booked, packed, and ready to go. Here are some tips to keep in mind while traveling while expecting.

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