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  1. Emotional Changes During Pregnancy - Topic Overview

    Pregnancy takes your mind and body through an ongoing stream of changes. On a basic level,your body is making unusual amounts of hormones. At certain times,this can make you feel exhausted,forgetful,or moody. On top of that,it is normal to be preoccupied with how your body is quickly changing,how to manage symptoms,how different your life is becoming,worry about the pregnancy going ...

  2. Birth Defects Testing - Topic Overview

    Birth defects tests are done during pregnancy to look for possible problems with an unborn baby (fetus). Birth defects develop when something is wrong with the genetic material (genes or chromosomes), an organ, or body chemistry. A birth defect may have only a mild impact on a child's life, or it can have a major effect on quality of life or life span. Birth defects include:Genetic disorders such

  3. Pregnancy: Ways to Find Your Due Date - Health Tools

    Health Tools help you make wise health decisions or take action to improve your health.Interactive tools are designed to help people determine health risks, ideal weight, target heart rate, and more.Interactive Tool: What Is Your Due Date?

  4. Pregnancy: Relationship Changes - Topic Overview

    Pregnancy starts a new phase of your relationship with your partner. You can expect a natural shift in roles as well as attention to and expectations of each other. If you are new to parenthood as a couple,you will notice that your focus on each other is evolving into something new-attention to a third party,your future child. After the birth,you will get to know each other in new ways,as ...

  5. Quick Tips: Healthy Pregnancy Habits - Get started

    The following are ways you can maintain your own and your baby's health during pregnancy. Eat a balanced diet Eat a balanced,nutritious diet during pregnancy to maintain your own health and to nourish your unborn baby. Get plenty of rest Go to bed earlier than usual and get up later,if possible. Take naps,unless napping makes you sleepless at night. If you cannot sleep,try reading,...

  6. Massage Therapy During Pregnancy - Topic Overview

    Massage is rubbing the soft tissues of the body,including the skin and muscles. Massage therapists usually apply pressure with their hands,but they can also use their forearms,elbows,or feet. Some people believe that massage works because the touch is healing. Touch also communicates a sense of caring. When you are pregnant,you can use massage therapy for relaxation and to help relieve ...

  7. Birth Defects Testing - Deciding About Testing

    The decision to have the test is personal. You must think about your chance of passing on a family disease, your age, your need to know about any problems, and what you might do once you have the test results. Your spiritual beliefs and other values also may play a role in your decision.Some birth defects-such as a cleft lip or cleft palate or certain heart problems-can be fixed with surgery ...

  8. Nuchal Translucency Screening Test

    The nuchal (say NEW-kuhl) translucency screening is a test done during pregnancy. It uses ultrasound to measure the thickness of the fluid buildup at the back of the developing baby's neck. If this area is thicker than normal, it can be an early sign of Down syndrome, trisomy 18, or heart problems.The test is done between 11 and 14 weeks of pregnancy. It may be done as part of the first trimester screening test or the integrated screening test.This test shows the chance that a baby may have a certain problem. It can't show for sure that a baby has a problem. You would need a diagnostic test, such as chorionic villus sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis, to find out for sure if the baby actually has a problem.

  9. Sex During Pregnancy - Topic Overview

    Vaginal intercourse can be continued as usual if your pregnancy is uncomplicated. Discuss any concerns or questions with your health professional. Sex during the first trimester will not cause any problems,such as a miscarriage. The fetus will not be harmed during sex,because it floats in amniotic fluid that acts as a cushion. Your interest in sex may change throughout your pregnancy. For ...

  10. Ectopic Pregnancy: Getting Pregnant Again - Topic Overview

    Having an ectopic pregnancy may affect your future fertility, and it increases your risk of having another ectopic pregnancy. When an ectopic pregnancy grows in a fallopian tube, it can damage the surrounding tubal tissue. This may make it more likely that an egg will get stuck there in the future. But early detection and treatment can minimize the damaging effects of an ectopic pregnancy. Future fertilityYour chances of having another ectopic pregnancy will be affected by your own combination of risk factors (things that increase your risk). These can include smoking, use of assisted reproductive technology (ART) to get pregnant, and how much fallopian tube damage you have.Your future fertility and chances of having a successful pregnancy in the future will also depend on:Whether your other fallopian tube is healthy. The extent of damage to your fallopian tube.Whether you have a history of infertility.Early detection is the key to avoiding new tube damage. As long as you have one

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