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    1. Caffeine During Pregnancy - Topic Overview

      If you have an uncomplicated pregnancy,you are likely to be able to travel during most of your pregnancy. Just be sure to discuss air travel and extended trips with your doctor ahead of time. When traveling,it's also smart to carry a written record of your due date and any medical conditions you have. Car travel When traveling by car,remember the following: Wear your seat belt,even if ...

    2. Alcohol Effects on a Fetus - Topic Overview

      Delivery before the 37th week is called a premature, or preterm, delivery. A premature delivery can cause problems for the infants if their organs are not fully developed. Infants delivered before 32 weeks have greater health risks than those who are delivered at 32 weeks of gestation or later. Multiple pregnancies seldom reach the usual 40-week due date:1For twins, the average time to delivery is 36 to 37 weeks. For triplets, the average time is 33 weeks.For quadruplets, the average time is 31 weeks.After delivery, most premature babies need care in a hospital unit called the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Care in the NICU can last days or weeks, depending on a baby's condition and the amount of specialized care the baby needs.For more information, see the topics Preterm Labor and Premature Infant.

    3. Alcohol Effects on a Fetus - What Affects VBAC Success

      Pregnancy, labor, and delivery are different for every woman and difficult to predict. Even if your first pregnancy required a cesarean, the next one may not. The likelihood of a successful vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) is influenced by various factors. Usually, a combination of factors affects how well or poorly a trial of labor goes.If you are or may be a good candidate for a trial of ...

    4. Caffeine During Pregnancy - Home Treatment

      There is nothing you can do to prevent a miscarriage. It is your body's way of ending a pregnancy that has had a bad start, often at the earliest stage of cell division.

    5. Ectopic Pregnancy - Topic Overview

      Methotrexate side effects are more likely to cause problems when treatment lasts for many months, which is common in cancer and rheumatoid arthritis treatment. But side effects do occur when methotrexate is given to end an ectopic pregnancy. The most common side effects of methotrexate treatment for ectopic pregnancy are nausea and indigestion. Side effects vary from woman to woman. And some women do not experience any side effects. If you are treated with methotrexate, you will be followed closely by your doctor.The suggestions below may help you manage methotrexate side effects. Tell your doctor about any symptoms you have during your treatment.For nauseaEat small meals more frequently instead of three large meals daily.Ask your doctor about using an antinausea (antiemetic) medicine, such as prochlorperazine or ondansetron (Zofran) to prevent or reduce nausea.Rest as much as possible.Try to eliminate strong odors from your surroundings.Do not use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

    6. Alcohol Effects on a Fetus - Home Treatment

      Learn about activities to avoid if preterm labor symptoms start.

    7. Alcohol Effects on a Fetus - Topic Overview

      What is breech position?During most of pregnancy, there is enough room in the uterus for the baby (fetus) to change position. By 36 weeks of pregnancy, most babies turn into a head-down position. This is the normal and safest fetal position for birth.But in about 4 out of 100 births, the baby doesn't naturally turn head-down. Instead, the baby is in a breech position.1 Babies in breech position usually must be delivered by C-section.There are three main breech positions:Frank breech. The buttocks are in place to come out first during delivery. The legs are straight up in front of the body, with the feet near the head. This is the most common type of breech position.Complete breech. The buttocks are down near the birth canal. The knees are bent, and the feet are near the buttocks.Footling breech. One leg or both legs are stretched out below the buttocks. The leg or legs are in place to come out first during delivery.What causes breech position?Most of the time, there is no

    8. Alcohol Effects on a Fetus - Cause

      Preterm labor can be caused by a problem involving the fetus, the mother, or both. A combination of several factors is often responsible.

    9. Alcohol Effects on a Fetus - Topic Overview

      Some people drink ginger ale or ginger tea or take powdered ginger capsules to try to prevent motion sickness. Ginger root ( Zingiber officinale ) has long been regarded in traditional Chinese medicine as a treatment for several conditions,including stomachache and nausea. Ginger may be eaten in raw or candied forms,taken as a powder in capsules,or consumed as a tea. Although many people ...

    10. Alcohol Effects on a Fetus - Topic Overview

      Some early ectopic pregnancies are watched closely to see whether the embryo will become reabsorbed by the body. (This is also called expectant management.) If an ectopic pregnancy ends on its own, a woman will not need medicine or surgical treatment. But an ectopic pregnancy that does not end on its own can cause heavy bleeding that could be deadly. This is why you have frequent checkups during expectant management.To be a good candidate for expectant management, you must:Have no symptoms, such as abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding.Understand that there is a remote risk of fallopian tube rupture and excessive bleeding (hemorrhage). Have decreasing levels of the blood pregnancy hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which suggests that your body is reabsorbing the ectopic pregnancy.Be able to see your doctor for frequent checkups.Increasing abdominal (belly) pain or pelvic pain, tubal rupture, and high serum hCG levels are reasons to stop expectant management and consider

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