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  1. Preterm Labor - Home Treatment

    Learn about activities to avoid if preterm labor symptoms start.

  2. Chemical Exposure and Miscarriage - Topic Overview

    Exposure to certain chemicals on a regular basis during pregnancy has been linked to increased rates of miscarriage. Chemicals that may increase a woman's chance of having a miscarriage include: Medicines. Before conceiving,or as soon as you become aware that you are pregnant,talk to your doctor about all of the medicines you have been taking. For example,the use of the medicine ...

  3. Bed Rest for Preterm Labor - Topic Overview

    Expectant management is the close monitoring of a pregnancy for complications. It may involve some bed rest at home or in the hospital. Being on expectant management may mean you are advised to stop working,reduce your activity level,or possibly spend a lot of time resting (partial bed rest). There is no evidence that long-term bed rest lowers the risk of preterm delivery. 1 Studies have ...

  4. Fatigue During Pregnancy - Topic Overview

    Most women struggle with fatigue during pregnancy,especially during the first and third trimesters. During the first trimester,your body is supporting dynamic fetal growth and producing higher levels of progesterone,which has been linked to increased tiredness. If you're like many women,you'll feel more energy during most of your second trimester. Later in pregnancy,though,the physical ...

  5. Dilation and Curettage (D&C) for Miscarriage - Topic Overview

    A dilation and curettage (D&C) is a surgical procedure in which the cervix is opened (dilated) and tissue is removed from the uterus. D&C is the most effective treatment for a miscarriage that is causing severe bleeding. Your doctor will use a tool called a speculum to spread apart the walls of your vagina. He or she will then use a tool called a dilator to open the cervix. The cervix ...

  6. Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) - Risks of VBAC and Cesarean Deliveries

    Whether you deliver vaginally or by cesarean section, you are unlikely to have serious complications. Overall, a routine vaginal delivery is less risky than a routine cesarean, which is a major surgery. However, researchers have found that pregnant women who have a cesarean scar have a slight risk of the scar breaking open (called uterine rupture) during labor.1Although rare, uterine rupture can .

  7. Sleep Problems During Pregnancy - Topic Overview

    Sleep problems are common during pregnancy. Sleep studies tell us that hormonal changes,plus the discomforts of later pregnancy,can break up a pregnant woman's sleep cycle. The first trimester can bring insomnia and night waking. Most women feel the need to take naps to battle daytime sleepiness and fatigue. The second trimester tends to feel more normal for many women. This is often a ...

  8. Miscarriage: Vacuum Aspiration - Topic Overview

    Vacuum aspiration,also called suction aspiration or dilation and aspiration,can be used to empty the uterus after an incomplete early miscarriage. This procedure involves the use of a hollow tube called a cannula that is attached by tubing to a bottle and a pump,which provides a gentle vacuum. The cannula is passed through the vagina into the uterus,the pump is turned on,and the tissue is ...

  9. Caffeine During Pregnancy - Topic Overview

    Caffeine is the most frequently used drug during pregnancy. In small amounts,caffeine is considered safe for the fetus. It's a good idea to keep your caffeine intake below 200 mg a day because: 1 More caffeine may be connected to a higher rate of miscarriage. There is not enough evidence to know for sure. 2 Caffeine is a diuretic,meaning it makes you urinate more often. This can cause you ...

  10. Preterm Labor - Cause

    Preterm labor can be caused by a problem involving the fetus, the mother, or both. A combination of several factors is often responsible.

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