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    1. Caffeine During Pregnancy - Topic Overview

      Most women develop back pain at some point during pregnancy. As the size and weight of your growing belly place more strain on your back,you may notice your posture changing. To protect your back from poor posture,unnecessary strain,and painful injury,follow these guidelines: Avoid standing with your belly forward and your shoulders back. Do the opposite. When standing,rest one foot on a ...

    2. Alcohol Effects on a Fetus - Topic Overview

      When muscles use energy,they release a waste product called creatinine into the blood. The kidneys then filter creatinine from the blood. From the kidneys,creatinine passes out of the body through the urinary tract. If the kidneys are not functioning normally,high amounts of creatinine remain in the blood while low amounts are passed out in the urine. During a normal pregnancy,increased ...

    3. Vaginal Exam for Preterm Labor

      If you have symptoms of preterm labor, your doctor or nurse - midwife will examine you by feeling your cervix. If your contractions continue over a period of hours, you may be examined periodically to see whether your cervix is opening (dilating) or thinning (effacing).These exams allow your health professional to:Determine how much your cervix has opened (dilated) and thinned. Determine how far .

    4. Multiple Pregnancy: Twins or More - Topic Overview

      You may be pregnant if you: Have had sexual intercourse and you have not used any method of birth control. Have missed one or more periods. Have your period,but there is a lot less bleeding than usual. Take birth control pills,but you missed a pill. It is especially risky to miss a pill early in the cycle or pack or to start your new pack a day or two late. Have other symptoms of early ...

    5. Alcohol Effects on a Fetus - Topic Overview

      Birth defects tests are done during pregnancy to look for possible problems with an unborn baby (fetus). Birth defects develop when something is wrong with the genetic material (genes or chromosomes), an organ, or body chemistry. A birth defect may have only a mild impact on a child's life, or it can have a major effect on quality of life or life span. Birth defects include:Genetic disorders such

    6. Caffeine During Pregnancy - Exams and Tests

      A miscarriage is diagnosed with a pelvic exam and a blood test.

    7. Alcohol Effects on a Fetus - Frequently Asked Questions

      Learning about placenta abruptio:What is placenta abruptio?What should I know about vaginal bleeding during pregnancy?Being diagnosed:How is a fetal ultrasound done?How is fetal heart monitoring done?Getting treatment:How can I help my premature baby in the NICU?

    8. Multiple Pregnancy: Twins or More - Topic Overview

      If you have one or more children at home,your pregnancy simply can't be your central focus. Getting the rest you need can be a challenge. Sometimes you may even forget to take extra good care of yourself. As you juggle the demands of pregnancy and parenting,consider the following: Your health is a top priority. You are eating,resting,and sleeping for two. Whenever possible,lie down to ...

    9. Alcohol Effects on a Fetus - Is VBAC Right for You?

      If your current pregnancy and health history are considered low - risk, you are a good candidate for a successful vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). However, you may have one or more conditions that lower your chances of a successful trial of labor and increase your risk of complications. As you and your health professional decide whether VBAC is right for you, consider the following information

    10. Alcohol Effects on a Fetus - Recovery

      Vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) recovery is similar to recovery after any vaginal birth. After a vaginal delivery, the mother and baby can usually go home within 24 to 48 hours. By comparison, recovery from a cesarean section requires 2 to 4 days in the hospital and a period of limited activity as the incision heals.The overall risk of infection is low for both vaginal and cesarean ...

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