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    1. Gestational Diabetes - Topic Overview

      Congenital syphilis occurs when a mother's syphilis goes untreated during pregnancy and is passed to the baby through the placenta. A baby can also become infected with syphilis during labor or delivery.The risk of infecting the baby is greatest when the mother is in the early stages of syphilis. But infection is possible any time during pregnancy.1It is very important that a pregnant woman have a lab test to detect syphilis. The baby's risk of getting syphilis is significantly reduced if the mother receives treatment during pregnancy. If the mother is treated before the 16th week of her pregnancy, the baby will usually not become infected. If an infected mother does not receive treatment, the mother may miscarry, or the baby may be born dead, die shortly after birth, be born early, or be infected with syphilis.1Complications that can occur in a baby whose infected mother was not treated include:A flat bridge of the nose (saddle nose).Permanent incisor teeth that are peg-shaped,

    2. Labor and Delivery - Topic Overview

      Labor induction As the end of pregnancy nears,the cervix normally becomes soft (ripe) and begins to open (dilate) and thin (efface),preparing for labor and delivery. When labor does not naturally start on its own and vaginal delivery needs to happen soon,labor may be started artificially (induced). Even though inducing labor is a fairly common practice,childbirth educators encourage women ...

    3. Labor and Delivery - Prevention

      Even if you have a healthy pregnancy, you may go into preterm labor. It is difficult to prevent preterm labor because it is usually not anticipated, and it is often due to causes that are not completely understood.

    4. Alcohol Effects on a Fetus - Topic Overview

      You and your birth partner can participate more fully in a vaginal birth than you can in a cesarean delivery. During a cesarean delivery,the mother receives either a regional anesthetic or a general anesthetic and cannot fully participate in her baby's birth. Some mothers feel very strongly about being able to bond with the baby immediately after birth. Unless there is some complication,a ...

    5. Birth Defects Testing - Second-Trimester Tests

      Screening tests Triple or quadruple (quad) blood tests. These tests check the amounts of three or four substances in a pregnant woman's blood. The triple screen checks the levels of alpha-fetoprotein protein (AFP),beta human chorionic gonadotropin (beta-hCG),and a type of estrogen (estriol,or uE3). The quad screen checks those three substances,plus the level of the hormone inhibin A. ...

    6. Alcohol Effects on a Fetus - Frequently Asked Questions

      Learning about placenta abruptio:What is placenta abruptio?What should I know about vaginal bleeding during pregnancy?Being diagnosed:How is a fetal ultrasound done?How is fetal heart monitoring done?Getting treatment:How can I help my premature baby in the NICU?

    7. Labor and Delivery - What to Expect

      Information, preparation, and teamwork are needed for a successful vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).Childbirth and VBAC educationTo prepare for labor, consider taking a childbirth education class at your local hospital or clinic. You and your birthing partner can learn: What to expect during VBAC labor and delivery.How to manage the birth using controlled breathing and emotional and physical ..

    8. Preeclampsia - Risks of VBAC and Cesarean Deliveries

      Whether you deliver vaginally or by cesarean section, you are unlikely to have serious complications. Overall, a routine vaginal delivery is less risky than a routine cesarean, which is a major surgery. However, researchers have found that pregnant women who have a cesarean scar have a slight risk of the scar breaking open (called uterine rupture) during labor.1Although rare, uterine rupture can .

    9. Partner Support During Pregnancy - Topic Overview

      If you are planning to become pregnant soon,there are several things you can do to ensure your own and your baby's optimal health. Evaluate your birth control method If you use an intrauterine device (IUD),arrange to have it removed. If you have been taking the Pill (oral contraception) or using monthly hormone injections (such as Depo-Provera or Lunelle),try to wait until you've had your ...

    10. Alcohol Effects on a Fetus - What Increases Your Risk

      It is hard to predict who is at risk for preterm labor. While some women with risk factors do not have early labor, others with no known risk factors do.

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