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  1. Diabetes in Pregnancy Raises Risk of Future Diabetes

    Oct. 21 2011 -- African-American women who develop pregnancy-related diabetes, called gestational diabetes, are more likely to develop diabetes in the future, a new study shows. According to the American Diabetes Association, gestational diabetes affects 18% of pregnancies. Some women with gestation

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  2. More Pregnant Women Getting Flu Shots

    Oct. 20, 2011 -- Pregnant women are more likely to get a flu shot than they were a few years ago, and for good reason: Evidence continues to mount that the vaccine safely protects both mother and newborn from influenza and its complications. One new study shows that pregnant women who get a flu shot

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  3. Is High Blood Pressure Linked to Birth Defects?

    Oct. 18, 2011 -- A new study may put hypertension during pregnancy under more scrutiny. Women who take blood pressure drugs called ACE inhibitors during the first trimester of their pregnancy may be no more likely to have babies with birth defects than women with hypertension who take other types of

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  4. Common Chemical May Disrupt Kids' Development

    Sept. 7, 2011 -- A chemical found in a wide range of consumer products may be harmful to children's mental and behavioral development and muscular coordination, a study shows. The study is published in Environmental Health Perspectives. Phthalates (pronounced thal-ates) are used to make plastics mor

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  5. Some Common Painkillers Linked to Miscarriage Risk

    Sept. 6, 2011 -- The use of certain non-aspirin anti-inflammatory painkillers during pregnancy may be associated with an increased risk of miscarriage, a large new study shows. The study included more than 52,000 pregnant women in Canada. It found that miscarriage rates were more than twice as high

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  6. Snuff Use During Pregnancy Is Harmful to Newborns

    Aug. 29, 2011 -- Most moms-to-be are aware that you shouldn't smoke during pregnancy, but some have a hard time kicking the habit. Some turn to smokeless tobacco like snuff or other nicotine-replacement products. But these products -- and the nicotine they release - are harmful for newborns, a study

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  7. Vitamins May Lower Risk of Birth Complication

    Aug. 19, 2011 -- Women who take a multivitamin every day around the time of conception appear to have a reduced risk for delivering low-birth-weight babies, a new study shows. Daily multivitamin use was also associated with a lower preterm birth risk among normal-weight, but not overweight, women. S

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  8. Prepregnancy Obesity Linked to Asthma in Teens

    Aug. 15, 2011 -- Children of women who are overweight or obese when they become pregnant may be more likely to have asthma by the time of adolescence, a new study shows. Researchers in Britain, Finland, and Sweden say their study suggests that being overweight during pregnancy may interfere with nor

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  9. Boy or Girl? Fetal DNA Tests Often Spot On

    Aug. 9, 2011 -- Using fetal DNA from a mother's blood to determine the unborn baby's sex is highly effective, according to a new review of the research. "After seven weeks of gestation, the accuracy of fetal sex detection is very good using maternal blood," says researcher Diana W. Bianchi, MD, a re

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  10. DHA During Pregnancy May Cut Infant Colds

    Aug. 1, 2011 -- Getting enough of an essential fatty acid during pregnancy may help prevent colds in newborns. A new study shows that women who received supplements of the fatty acid known as DHA during pregnancy had babies that had fewer colds at age 1 month. The babies also had fewer coughing epis

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