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    Pregnant, With Housework to Do

    General Cleaning: Go Natural? continued...


    • Boric acid for bug sprays
    • Baking soda and water paste for oven cleaners
    • Vinegar for bleach
    • Baking soda for commercial tile cleaners
    • Hydrogen peroxide for commercial stain removers

    When you clean, open doors and windows so fumes will dissipate. Use the cleaning supplies according to instructions. Use just enough to clean well.

    And as for clean clothes, don't forget to wash your maternity clothes before wearing. Clothing direct from the factory can be coated with chemicals.

    Housework Body Mechanics

    When pregnant, you are more prone to back strain when doing household chores. The pregnancy hormones soften your ligaments and joints.

    You can reduce your risk by paying attention to your lifting and bending form.

    • To lift, spread your feet apart, one foot a little ahead of the other. Bend your knees and pick up the object. Holding the object close, straighten up, using your thigh muscles, not your back.
    • To move a lightweight object, push, don't pull it. Use your legs. If it seems like too much effort, get help.

    Other Chores Better Done by Others

    Ask your partner to do some chores that you really should avoid. You can say, "It's doctor's orders!" If your partner can't do it, hire a professional.

    • Nursery painting. Pick the color, and then turn the job over to your partner or a contractor. Plan an outing or be at work when the job is in progress. Air out the house when the painting is complete. Feel free to step in when it's time to decorate.
    • Filling the gas tank. Ask your partner to do the honors. Or splurge on full service where available.
    • Heavy lifting. It's not in your "job description" during pregnancy, especially if you are at risk for preterm labor. If you've got furniture to move -- or are in the midst of a move to a new place -- ask your partner, relatives, or friends for help, or hire it out.

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