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    Pregnant With Twins? Exercise No-Nos

    Exercises to Avoid continued...

    Deep-sea exploration. Put any plans to go scuba diving on hold. The change in pressure could put your twins at risk of decompression illness.

    Overdoing it. Pushing to the point of exhaustion may boost athletic performance, but when you're pregnant, it can reduce blood flow to your uterus. During exercise you should be able to sing one round of “Happy Birthday” without running out of breath. If you can’t, you're pushing too hard.

    Bouncing or jarring activities. Joints get looser during pregnancy, which can increase your risk of injury. Take a temporary vacation from high-impact aerobics and kickboxing.

    Too much heat. Steer clear of Bikram and other forms of hot yoga while you're pregnant. On hot summer days, plan ahead so you can exercise in the cool of the morning or evening, or find a gym that has air conditioning.

    Lying on your back. The extra weight of your pregnant belly can cut off circulation to your legs, feet, and uterus. Avoid yoga poses, crunches, and any other activities that call for lying on your back for more than a few minutes at a time.

    Making Exercise Modifications

    If your favorite sport appears on the list of no-nos, you may be able to continue, within reason. Talk with your doctor about ways to modify your exercise so it's safe during your pregnancy. Here are a few suggestions:

    Less intensity. Instead of sprinting around the track, go for a light jog. Instead of hot yoga, look for a prenatal yoga class.

    Shorten your workout.As your pregnancy progresses, you may find yourself tiring out more quickly. If all you can handle is a 10-minute walk, plan a couple of brief jaunts throughout the day.

    Shift your weight. Roll up a towel and put it under one side of your back so the blood can keep flowing to your legs while you stretch.

    Use lighter weights. More repetitions with lighter weights can keep your muscles strong without hurting your joints.

    There are many ways to exercise during pregnancy without risking your babies' health. Talk with your doctor first if you have any concerns about your exercise routine.

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