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    After Vacation: Tips to Bounce Back Fast

    Suffering from the post-vacation blues? Here's how to ease the re-entry into your regular life.

    Tip No. 3: Be Realistic About Your Relationship and Trip continued...

    "A vacation provides lots of little opportunities to argue," he says. "They have to make all these decisions: Where do we go? When will we arrive? What will we do when we get there? This gives them plenty of opportunities to disagree."

    The best strategy for coping, according to Worthington, is to recognize that such friction is a part of the vacation experience.

    "They must resign themselves to the fact that they are going to disagree," he says, "and then focus on the question: Can we get past this decision so we can enjoy the rest of the vacation?"

    Tip No. 4: Let Vacation Give Your Everyday Life a Boost

    A vacation can help a family start eating better, according to Elaine Magee, MPH, RD, the "recipe doctor" for WebMD's Weight Loss Clinic.

    "Usually when you're on vacation you eat out a lot, so when you come home, everyone is probably looking forward to having home-cooked meals. So embrace that, celebrate that -- use it as a way to kick-start your plan for making more home-cooked meals," Magee says. "It's a great time to get wonderful food into your diet."

    Magee also urges people to get some exercise while on vacation. Besides contributing to sleep, exercise helps avoid weight gain brought on by those generous vacation portions.

    "Some people actually come back from vacation surprised that they haven't gained weight, even though they've been eating out in restaurants, because they've been getting exercise," Magee says. "When you come back rested and happy, you can use that as motivation to keep exercising and preparing wholesome meals."

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    Reviewed on July 10, 2007

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