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    Bipolar Disorder: Managing Mania

    Why Treat Bipolar Mania?

    You feel exhilarated, strong. You may wonder if you need treatment. You do.

    Bipolar Disorder Mania: Treatment and Tips

    When It's Time for Treatment: Bipolar Mania
    Medication, therapy, even a regular routine can help you manage the mania of bipolar disorder. Do you know all your treatment options -- and their risks?
    7 Hints for Healthy Living With Bipolar Disorder
    Regular exercise, good sleep, stress reduction: There's a lot you can do to live well with bipolar disorder. These seven tips get you started.
    Caregiving Tips for Family & Friends
    How can you help a loved one with the mania and depression of bipolar disorder? Here are tips and practical pointers. You can make a difference!

    10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Treating Bipolar Mania

    1. 1.How can I prevent manic episodes from occurring?
    2. 2.Can you help me figure out what triggers my manic episodes?
    3. 3.What are the possible side effects of the medications you're prescribing?
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    I can tell I'm becoming manic when: